journey of self-mastery

We exist to Love
We exist as Love
Let us remember this

Foggy Forest


Intuitive Touch, Reiki, Ritual, Crystal & Sound Healing

I begin each session with guided breathwork and meditation to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and maximize your body's capacity for healing. With aid of the vibrations of crystals, essential oils, and sound healing instruments, I use Reiki and Christic energy, intuitive touch, and other healing modalities such as breathwork and EFT (emotional freedom technique) to tailor each session to your body-mind-spirit complex's specific needs. We invite the subconscious mind to come forth and give voice to our personal and collective wounds and karma for transformation and healing.

Yoga Class


Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, Soul Contracts, Tarot and more

Seeking to be a messenger of the cosmos, I believe we are all born with a sacred purpose, and the moment of our birth is a key and a road map to navigating our way through space and time, to unlock our highest potential for ourselves and others. I offer insight and guidance to align you with your sacred purpose in this lifetime. In my readings, I can also offer insight into soul contracts, including the karmic patterns and gifts of relationships in your life.