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Vocal Yoga

The voice is the sound of the soul. Freeing the vibrational force of the voice through the body allows your whole being to move into a creative expression of soulful authenticity and meaning. Using the voice in optimal alignment of the body for singing and sounding strengthens the body's self-healing mechanism, the immune system, and magnetizes your being. My Vocal Yoga sessions target the anatomy of the voice with techniques combining the principles and practices of yoga, pranayama, mantra meditation, sound healing and Fitzmaurice Voicework. In this constructive yet restorative practice I use tuning forks, crystals, instruments and plant essences as guides to deepen your relationship with your voice for vocal freedom, authentic sound and expression. This class is especially beneficial for actors, singers, teachers, or anyone seeking greater vocal control for speaking or singing.




Shakti Naam yoga is a merging of science and mantra, or sacred sound, through the ancient yogic practice Sukshma Vyayama, a Himalayan yogic practice known as the "yoga of immortality." Working with the body's subtle energetic or meridian system, consciously integrated with breath, mudra and mantra meditation, Shakti Naam is an invaluable self-healing technology that balances the brain, glandular, digestive, immune and nervous systems--the entire body--for optimal well-being, while activating the shakti within. Shakti is the creative and vital energy of the Universe, also referred to as Kundalini energy, ki, chi, Holy Spirit, Quetzalcoatl, etc. ;) Naam means "Name" or "Word" and is a practice of sacred mantras that invoke Universal Life Force Energy.  Shakti Naam is a yogic practice that safely opens the heart center to bring your body in alignment with your highest self for divine living.








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