Every particle of being
set on the steering wheel
of change rages in motion;
the parts multiplying exponentially;
the honesty of energy captivates
every living being, thrusting
into forward motion; water-bodied
dolphins, making love to the ocean


I write to you
on paper
with pen
for I understand
this connection
between heart
and hand
it is the only way
I want to
show you
my love
so that you
may feel my heart's
gaze upon yours
when yours
my eyes
are missing
oh, my love
I pray
you are
you are
I pray
the stars
can hear
your laughter
I miss you
my darling
like the sun
the moon
at midday
I kiss you
my darling
like the ocean
kisses the shore
with each wave
I understand
my love
why things are
this way
I understand
why we need
this test
of faith


You are the fox-nose that flees my sprinkling rains
smiling slyly under full plumage of your fur-tail
You are the goose that sings in my sprinkling rains
The tadpole that sprouts legs and springs, out of the pond
unto which my raindrops-plenty first hailed, you

are too-precious cocoon that grows wings,
Oh, moth, your white-powdery feeling-things
are more tried and true, than fleeting worm
that ate to cocoon, you

spin, you spider, holy webs to trap
hell's worms and kill, you
with eight-armed embrace and eyes
that see me eight times through, you

collect my rain thoughts like drops
of dew, caught mist amidst the details
of your sticky design, stuck like flies
to the fissures of your soul-maze-mind, you

too-precious cocoon that grew wings,
your white-powdery feeling-things
have felt me through, even when
I am broken down, I belong to you.

Atomic Love

We are all just a t o m s
aren't we?

We are all just a d a m s
and eves

We are dust turned
skin and bone

Rose x

I've found a resting place, a stone, atop a mountain, here, now, where I am sitting, here, now, where I am breathing--the freshest breaths of air I've ever breathed in my whole being, to my memory, that I remember, here, now, at least, at least that I can remember breathing. 

I've found a stone where I can rest my being, and maybe even get some sleeping, underneath a silkscreen of stars above me, and below, the canopy tickles my toes, and smiles in her sleeping, ah, she, the curling fern and fox nose.

Ah, she, the breeze, the sea, the sand in my toes, the darling fox nose, a rose.

A rose.