1:30 PM13:30

Vocal Yoga Workshop

Vocal Yoga explores the body as an instrument of the voice, while using the vibrational force of the voice to heal the body.

In this dynamic 2-hour workshop, you will:

· Learn how tension in the body disrupts the voice

· Identify your body’s unique holding patterns of tension

· Safely open the body of the voice with guided yoga postures, pranayama, sounding and somatic release techniques

· Learn diaphragmatic breathing and sounding techniques for speaking and singing

· Learn optimal alignment techniques for your best speaking or singing voice

· Align with the healing vibrations of tuning forks, crystals and plant essences

· Discover your true, primal voice for authentic vocal expression

Jenny Cho is a certified Vocal Yoga, Shakti Naam and Naam Yoga Therapies teacher and certified aromatherapy practitioner.

Price: Members: $19 | Non-Members: $30


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