"The lips of wisdom are closed,
except to the ears of understanding."
-The Kybalion

Yoga means union. Union of mind, of body, of emotion, of spirit, ultimately, of self and Self. Merging dark to light, mind with Mind, man with God. 

 I did my first sun salutation when I was twelve years old. I didn't know it then, but it was a promise to my life's ever-evolving journey towards union. Oneness. Through my practice, I learn every day (most days) that our bodies are our most precious instruments, as vehicles of love and light. 

My practice is of devotion. Devotion to God above and goddess within.
Johena is a phonetic version of my Korean name 조현화 "Hyun-wha" meaning "wise flower."
As a flower breathes through each pore of its being, I seek to live with the consciousness that our skin too breathes. 
We absorb everything. How then, do we choose our ways into a better be-ing?

Join me on this journey within
through consciousness
of breath, sound and movement
to heal our bodies, minds, souls, spirits.

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om namo bhagavate vasudevaya namaha